Involvement in a lawsuit can be more complicated than it sounds.

Some people believe that filing or defending civil suits is a fairly straightforward process, but it can actually be incredibly complicated. Having an experienced civil litigation lawyer on your side can help to make this complicated process much simpler for you. At Massey, Mitchell & Kelly PLLC, we are proud to say that we have been serving Northern Colorado since 1948, and our civil attorneys have what it takes to provide you with the representation and legal advice that you need.

Why you need a civil litigation lawyer for your suit.

Regardless of how complicated you think your civil suit is or how much experience you may have, having one of our experienced civil litigation attorneys on your side will give you your best chance for success. Not only can we assist and support you throughout every step of filing or defending against a lawsuit, we can also help you determine if litigation is, in fact, your best option. Our civil attorneys know how to determine the type and amount of damages available, and they have a deep understanding of the elements required to prove your claim, as well as the rules that apply for using that evidence.

Do not file or defend against a civil suit on your own.

No matter if you are filing or defending against a lawsuit, you should never attempt to do so on your own. Give yourself the best chance for success by relying on Massey, Mitchell & Kelly PLLC. We offer cost-effective legal representation upon which you can rely.

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